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by Jim Dawson on Asbury Law Offices
Wouldn't hesitate to hire him again!

I hired Mr. Asbury when my son was born. My sons mother had DCFS involvement and i got bought into it as well. The court was picking on me for being on methadone to treat my addiction. Once i hired Derek methadone was never brought back up. Fast forward about a year later hired Derek to get me full custody of my son. The mother was back on drugs again. The case ran smooth and i have had my son safe in my home for the past 3 years. Wouldn't hesitate to hire him again! Thanks again Mr. Asbury.

by Brett Melton on Asbury Law Offices
We needed a highly recommended attorney!

We needed a highly recommended attorney for a guardian case my girlfriend and I were dealing with and Derek Asbury came highly recommended from several sources which has turned out to be true. We've worked with his staff, office manager, and Derek on several occasions and we've always enjoyed their company, knowledge, and support about our options. Thanks Derek!!!

by Brett Melton on Asbury Law Offices
Would Hire Again & Again!

From the start, Derek Asbury has been very knowledgeable, fun to work with, and hasn't missed one appointment. We had the opportunity to work with him throughout a 2 year span involving a guardian case and we're glad we hired him.

by Julia on Asbury Law Offices
Tough case but good final outcome

We had a difficult child support case but Derek helped get the facts together and reduce the total bill by half. He's great at reading people and seeing how they function. Will keep him retained for the future when reductions are necessary.

by Tison on Asbury Law Offices
Absolutely Amazing Lawyer

My experience with Derek was absolutely amazing, always went above and beyond to help me with my custody case. Alesha, and Sydney are 2 of the best paralegals I have ever delta with. If you want great results with great answers and great communication then Derek is your guy to have on your side. I will never go to another lawyer because Derek is definitely the best in the area. Thank you so much for your help Derek I really appreciate it.

by Anonymous on Asbury Law Offices
Best Attorney in Town

Mr. Asbury went above and beyond while working in my case. He was there for me with the advice I needed and his staff was extremely helpful and supportive through one of the most trying times of my life. He fought for me and I ended up better off than I ever thought I could be. I highly recommend him.

by Shannon on Asbury Law Offices
Highly Recommended

Derek Asbury helped out my case. He was respectful, always returned my calls in a prompt manner, and went above and beyond to help me out. I got the best outcome in my situation because of Derek. A++++++

Great Lawyer

Hands down great lawyer! He's worked on a couple cases of mine since 2006. I'm very leery of lawyers but he has always been understanding, helpful and knowledgeable!

by Theresa on Asbury Law Offices
Divorce Attorney

I hired Derek Asbury while in the middle of my divorce. The attorney I had been using was not working out and Derek and his staff stepped in and made a very complicated process run smoothly. They definitely had my best interests in mind and completed a job that two previous attorneys failed dramatically in doing. He kept me informed. His assistant Sydney was remarkable in completing all the necessary paperwork in a timely, accurate fashion. My one regret was not using Derek initially, but he completed the necessary requirements thoroughly and completely so I could begin to move forward with my life.

by Kristin on Asbury Law Offices

Derek Asbury handled my divorce and custody case and I couldn't of asked for a better lawyer. He answered all my questions and put my mind at ease (which wasn't an easy task). It's scary putting a stranger in a position that will help determine a custody outcome but Derek Asbury and his staff were very personable and didn't feel like strangers at all. I highly recommend him.

by Cassie on Asbury Law Offices
Fantastic Attorney and Staff

Derek is by far the best attorney I've worked with. i used him for a divorce case. He has extremely reasonable rates. He provided excellent service without breaking the bank! They are very knowledgeable and provide answers and solutions right away. I could ALWAYS get ahold of someone who could answer my questions. I got responses to emails and phone calls within an hour or less. He truly cared about my case and I never felt like I was pushed aside for a "more important" case that was going on. They always knew what was going on with my specific case and I felt like I mattered to the office. His staff was excellent and compassionate. If I ever need legal services again, he will be the first person I call!

by Nicole on Asbury Law Offices
Visitation Modification/Rule to Show Cause/Move Child Out of State

I just want to start by saying that Derek and Sydney did everything they told me they would and beyond. They always kept me informed and walked me through every situation. I always felt like they had my best interest and never left me hanging over what was going on. We had constant communicate through email, phone calls, visits to the office etc. I also had Derek's cell number so I could reach out to him asap if I had a concern or issue arise. My ex husband started all this by filed against me to change his supervised visits to unsupervised...he lost. My ex-husband filed to stop his child support payments...he lost. Derek not only got my child support payments going but he filed a rule to show cause petition and I was granted a Judgement amount for the thousands of dollars my ex-husband owes me for daycare fees, sports fees, school tuition and more. I was re-married during this time frame of going through court with my ex husband and Derek filed a petition for me to be granted permission to move my son out of state and I WON. Derek was always honest with me, very professional, and he attended all of my court dates. He even told me that I didn't have to attend a few court dates and he handled them so I didn't have to miss work because of it. I always felt comfortable with Derek and Sydney and I have referred many people to him since. I will also say that in my line of business I deal with my own clients. One of my clients is a Judge that has worked with Derek and spoke very highly of him. Derek was in his top 3 choices of local attorneys in the area. That speaks for itself.

by Anonymous on Asbury Law Offices
Exceptional Experience

My experience with this Asbury Law has been nothing but positive. Any circumstance that requires legal assistance is never a welcomed process but I feel Derek and his team have represented me well. I secured Derek’s team as my advocate a couple of years ago dealing with my ex-husband. Derek assisted in redefining our custody agreement, modifying and enforcing child support and more recently, removing my children from the state. As a consumer of ANY service, you never know the outcome of the situation, but I have been confident that the value his services has met and exceeded my expectations. Derek has had to drive 45-minutes one-way to meet me for court appointments and represented my case in the most concise and clear manner. He has never missed one court date or cancelled. I can call and speak with Sydney at anytime or leave a message and have it promptly returned. This is a wonderful quality in my opinion because anytime you are knee deep in legal stress, it can consume you mentally. I never feel like my concerns are bothersome to he or his team.Nothing in the legal world is a sure thing and I have never felt like I have paid for empty promises. I have been paying for an advocate who understands the law and represents me well.I would recommend this team to anyone!

by Steve Lane on Asbury Law Offices
5 Star Review from Steve Lane

by Brett Melton on Asbury Law Offices
Derek is motivated, knowledgeable, and communicates well!

A++ Attorney. Derek is motivated, knowledgeable, and communicates well when new information is provided. He also has a great staff! Thanks Derek.

by Kay Holcombe-Shillingburg on Asbury Law Offices
The office looks very elegant and beautiful!

The office looks very elegant and beautiful I hope it's very successful for you and your family. Good luck in the future years to come!!

Thanks, Kay!! We have been open since 2006, but just got around to doing our FB page.

by Jason Lane on Asbury Law Offices
Thanks Asbury law Offices

by Emily Ann Daugherty on Asbury Law Offices
5 Star Review from Emily Ann Daugherty

by 5 Star Review from Wade Devoss on Asbury Law Offices
5 Star Review from Wade Devoss

by Alesha List on Asbury Law Offices
5 Star Review from Alesha List

by Danni on Asbury Law Offices
Derek Asbury Is An Excellent Attorney!

Derek is an excellent attorney, he is understanding, knowledgeable and professional. He is easy going and honest. He has an awesome team that get the job done wonderfully. I am really happy with the service I have received.

Best Criminal Law Attorney

I would absolutely recommend Derek Asbury to anyone looking for a criminal attorney. He is very upfront, honest, precise, and thourough. He is very compassionate about what he does. His staff is wonderful at keeping in touch with you and updating you on your case. Derek is the best criminal lawyer around. I was impressed by how well he handled my case. I would not have trusted my case to anyone else.

by Katie on Asbury Law Offices
Definitely Recommend Asbury Law!

Derek and Sidney were amazing and helped me every step of the way!

by Michael on Asbury Law Offices

I hired Derek to help me get custody of my daughter from my ex-wife and he did just that. He was always quick to return my calls or if I needed him in my op cases he was right there for me. All I can say is he is worth every penny. Hands down best lawyer in Peoria, il.

by Kristen on Asbury Law Offices
Couldn't find a better lawyer!!!

I retained Derek for a Family Court case involving my children. At the begining of my case I retained a different lawyer, who showed no respect for me or my situation and did NOTHING to help me. Mr. Asbury put me at ease, and was the perfect "dog" for my fight!!!! Derek not only won my case, but continues to represent me to this day. Derek does care about the people he represents and makes that obvious. I've delt with attorneys who were money oriented, and cared NOTHING for the families they represented. Derek really does care, and I would and have recommended him to numerous people!!!