Assault & Battery

Assault & Battery Attorney - Peoria ILIf you have been threatened with physical harm, hit, or touched without consent, a civil assault and battery attorney like Derek Asbury can help you. If you have been a victim, we can help you sue and collect damages from the assailant or defend you from an assault and battery crime. Contact us today to book a free consultation.

What Is An Assault

Assaults vary from state-to-state, but it is often defined as an attempt to injure someone else, threats, or threatening behavior against others.

Examples Include:

  • Jane swings a fist at Becky but Becky sees it coming and ducks. Becky is a victim of assault.
  • Janet, the waitress, overhears a customer tell her friends that she is going to run Janet over with her car if she doesn’t bring the food out on time. Janet is a victim of assault.
  • John holds a gun to David’s head and says he’s going to kill him if he does something again. David is a victim of assault.
  • Bob, a home owner, tells his renter, Rick, that if he doesn’t pay him soon, he is going to blow the house up with him in it. Rick is a victim assault.

As you can see, all four examples are considered assault because no physical harm was committed.

What Is Battery

Battery varies by jurisdiction, but is the act of touching or harming someone without their consent.

Examples Include:

  • Poisoning a person’s drink
  • Throwing an object that hits a person
  • Performing surgery on the wrong area of a person’s body
  • Playing a joke on someone that causes them harm

As you can see, all four examples cause someone harm without consent. There are also a few other examples that aren’t necessarily, depending on the charges, acts of battery. They include being hit on accident, due to playing a sport, or tapping on someone’s shoulder for help. If you have been a victim of a battery or need help defending against a battery crime, please contact us as soon as possible.