Appeals Attorney Derek Asbury Peoria ILDerek Asbury is an experienced appellate attorney ready to help you with your appeal. We’ll handle everything for you, including various aspects of an appeal, which includes trial preparations, consultations, drafting and editing briefs, preparing for oral arguments, and more.

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Meeting With An Appeals Attorney

While meeting with our attorney, Derek Asbury, he’ll need to review several important documents, which include any or all judgments, signed documents, transcripts, findings, and more. Once reviewed, he’ll be able to determine if an appeal can be made.

How Appeals Work

Appeals are based on previous court findings and judgments. Most people try to point out any and all evidence that wasn’t produced during their trial or what their trial attorney did or didn’t do for them. That doesn’t help because an appeals attorney can only use what has already been recorded. Meaning, only what was presented during your trial can be used. If you’re appealing a previous judgment, our job is to explain, based upon the information presented to the trial judge, whether the judgment was ruled incorrectly and should be reversed.

It’s also important that, if your opponent appeals the judgment because he or she didn’t win, you have an appeals attorney to write a reply brief on your behalf to defend that the decision, based on the court findings, evidence, and judgments presented, was ruled correctly.

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